Vacationing in Selce FAQ

That depends on what type of vacation you prefer. The busiest period is the summer, but the weather is usually also really nice in the spring and autumn and the beaches are less crowded then. You can read more about the weather in specific seasons here.

Selce is a small town, part of the Crikvenica municipality. In the summer, you can enjoy other water sports, so maybe renting a kayak or jet-ski is something you’d like. Also, in the weekend events are often organized, such as concerts, food-based events and other fun activities. In the summer, there are many café’s, clubs and restaurants open. Or you can board a ship and enjoy dinner and a party at sea.

If you have enough extra time on your hands or you are coming on vacation with non-divers who don’t want to lie on the beach all day, don’t limit yourself to Crikvenica. You can explore the surrounding area on foot, by bicycle (electric or regular), quad or car (but we wouldn’t recommend the last one during the summer, because traffic can get crazy). Rent a more convenient vehicle or book an interesting tour. The hinterland is quite nice, with medieval forts, churches and viewpoints so you can admire the area from above. For an even more stunning view and adventurous experience, you can try paragliding. You can enjoy most of these activities year round.