Diving FAQ


Alright, we might be able to pull something off. If you are a PADI certified diver we should be able to find you in the system and confirm which certification you have. However, if you are certified at another diving association, we won’t have access to their system, so it won’t be possible to check.

In conclusion, don’t forget your certification. If diving is part of your vacation plans, you should treat your diving certification the same way you treat your passport or ID card.

Yes, we don’t discriminate against those who are different. All divers are welcome here. We get many groups that aren’t part of the PADI community. As long as everyone is certified there is no reason for them not to enjoy our diving locations

Yes, if they are old enough. The minimum age to try diving is 8 and they need to be 10 to do a course. You can enjoy some quality family time underwater at our diving center if your kids are already certified or you can enroll them in a course so they can start their underwater adventure. We are a family-friendly establishment and our staff is great with kids.

We have more than 30 diving locations and each one has its own merits. What you will like will depend on what you’re looking for. You can check them out on our website.

Maybe. It depends on the intensity of the wind. It has to be quite extreme to prevent shore dives.

When it comes to boat dives, it depends both on the location and intensity. Sometimes we will switch the diving location if the wind gets too strong for a specific spot, but it is still okay to go to another. Other times, it will be too dangerous for the boat to go out at all and in that case all boat dives have to be canceled until the weather improves.

That sucks!

We know. But remember, all the wrecks we dive on have been sunk by the famous bura (north-east wind) and we don’t want our beloved boat Triton to become a new underwater attraction.

P.S. Strong winds don’t occur too often, though, especially in the summer, so don’t lose any sleep over it.