Our story


Ever since we’ve first opened our doors, we’ve been committed to providing quality diver training according to the PADI program, as well as introducing divers to our chunk of the underwater world.

Throughout the years, our educational offer has expanded. We’ve grown into a PADI 5 star Gold Palm IDC resort, offering IDC courses to aspiring diving instructors. We’ve moved out of our recreational ‘’comfort zone’’ once more and started offering technical diving courses. Divers of all experience levels can find something for themselves at our diving center.

Along with the number of diving courses, the number of diving locations we visit has gone up. Currently, there are over 30 locations that we visit and we are always searching for new sites. Our favorite diving spots offer our guests the chance to get to know the local flora and fauna and discover the stories of our shipwrecks.

None of this would work if we didn’t have a great staff. Our instructors and dive guides are motivated professionals, with a passion for their work. Next to being professional, we all aim to be friendly and take an interest in our guests. It can get busy in the summer months, but we always try to get to know our divers over a cup of tea or coffee. We don’t treat our guests as numbers and many have rewarded us for that with their friendship and loyalty.

By building relationships we are also expanding the diving community in general. New voices and fresh perspectives often shine a light on important issues. Climate change and pollution are currently one of the top global problems and we try to do our part in conserving the ocean, whether it is in the form of clean up events or reducing plastic waste.

Our goal is to continue doing the most fun job we can imagine and keep connecting with divers. In the meantime, feel free to browse our website for more information on courses, locations and other info. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us (link) or check out the FAQ page (link). We hope to see you at our diving center, soon.