Cost and payment FAQ

No. Our prices stay the same throughout the year. The level of service at DC Mihurić is always the same, whether you come in July or November. We don’t close our doors when the summer ends, because many divers love to come diving outside of the main season. This also means we have permanent staff members. Translation: we don’t just have to pay salaries for a few months, but throughout the whole year.

We know lower prices outside of the main season make those traveling on a budget happy, but that trick only works for those who don’t keep their business open throughout the whole year. If we would lower the prices outside of the season, we would also have to raise them during the main season to balance things out. This can make guests feel like they are being ripped off, so we choose not to do it.

On the other hand, there are others in the tourism industry who do use this strategy. So, you might get cheaper food, accommodation, souvenirs, etc. outside of the main season.

TL;DR – No, because we’re not out to make a quick buck in the high season and we pay our staff a living wage.

You’re not letting this go, huh? Okay, so although our prices are not season-dependent, we do offer other discounts. Group discounts, for example. How much you will get off depends on how many buddies you bring. Again, it is best to contact us (link to form) for specific prices. We also prepare special offers for diving fairs and markets in Europe. Follow us on Facebook to see which events we will be attending.

Yes. If you are paying cash, be sure to have the Croatian currency, which is called Kuna (HRK).